Level 3 NVQ in Electrotechnical Services

Duration: Different for every student
Cost: £1350  approx depending on previous qualifications

Level 3 Qualification


If you have already completed your Level 3 Diploma and are looking to gain grading from the JIB as a fully qualified electrician then you will need to complete this Level 3 NVQ. The electrical NVQ is a support, mentoring and assessment programme to help you gain this qualification whilst working on site.We will provide you with an induction, a dedicated assessor, on-going support and up to three assessment visits to assess your evidence and complete on-site observations.



Entry Requirements / Who’s it for?


Due to the nature of this NVQ and the wide range of electrical qualifications that have been available over the years there are a number of different prerequisites that can apply. As such of if you think you may be eligible simply give us a call and we can advise you.

Generally speaking you will need to have completed your Level 3 Diploma (Also known as tech cert) and some kind of bridging course before you can take this NVQ. We have listed some examples below of how you can transfer in:

C&G Level 2 & 3 2365 (OR EAL Equivalent) + 1 Day Bridging Course

C&G Level 2 & 3 2330 (OR EAL Equivalent) + Environmental Course

If you do not meet the above requirements you simply give us a call and we can advise you of which bridging unit to take.


How long does it take?


The length of time that the NVQ takes will depend on how quickly you can cover the different types of work required to complete all the units. As a rough guide we suggest the following:

1. Already working as a contractor with a history of jobs you can reference – 6-12 months

2. Just completed your tech certs and started working – 2-3 Years

The great thing about the new NVQ is that some of the units can be simulated in centre so if you just have 1 or 2 jobs outstanding and really want to finish the qualification you can speed this up.

How is the NVQ structured?

Once you have completed our initial assessment to ensure you meet the criteria for this qualification you will be assigned an assessor who will support you through the NVQ process right up to your final assessments. They will help you understand:

How to build your portfolio

What range of evidence needs to be gathered to meet the criteria of the qualification

What assessors are looking for so you can demonstrate full professional competence

Different types of assessment methods include:

o Witness testimony

o Reflective accounts

o Photographic evidence

o Direct observation

o Work products

o In depth probing professional discussion


Onsite assessments


Included in the cost of this NVQ are on site assessments. In most cases 3 well planned and structured assessments are enough for an assessor to ensure that you have covered each of the required units successfully.

Assessments will take place at pre-agreed times to determine your progress and competence against the national standards.


Electricians NVQ units


There are 8 units covered by the Electricians NVQ:

Ensure safe site working

Diagnose and correct faults in electrotechnical systems and equipment

Provide technical and functional information to relevant people about electrotechnical systems and equipment

Maintain a safe and healthy working environment

Prepare to install electrical wiring systems, wiring enclosures and equipment

Install electrical wiring systems, wiring enclosures and equipment

Connect wiring systems and equipment using safe and approved methods

Inspect, test and commission an electrical installation

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