City & Guilds 2396 Level 4

Award in the Design and Verification of Electrical Installations

Duration: 5 Days
Cost: £1000

Level 4 Qualification

This 2396 course will provide you with the knowledge to design and erect an electrical installation, taking account of environmental influences, routing and suitability for purpose. This is a brand new level 4 qualification.

The City & Guilds 2396 Electrical Design course is theory based and is intended for electrical contractors who are responsible for the quality of the design, specification, installation, inspection and testing processes. It covers the implications of the wiring regulations for electrical installations.


Entry Requirements / Who’s it for?


Candidates should be experienced in electrical installation and ideally hold one of the following inspection & testing qualifications:

City & Guilds 2391-10 Inspection & Testing Course (Discontinued) or

City & Guilds 2394 Initial Verification & Certification Course or

City & Guilds 2395 Period Inspection & Testing Course or 

City & Guilds 2391-50 or

City & Guilds 2391- 51 or

City & Guilds 2391-52

It is also strongly recommended that candidates have achieved the City & Guilds 2382 or similar qualifications which demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the 17th Edition.



City & Guilds 2396 Course Content:


Instructor-led practical examples of how electrical installations should be designed are given. The course consists of several design exercises for the candidates to carry out, which evaluate and explore the process of design in terms of general characteristics, protection for safety, and selection and erection. Comprehensive course notes are provided.


On completion of the course, participants will be able to

  • design electrical installations, performing all necessary calculations

  • verify that a design complies with the Regulations

  • conduct an initial verification of a new electrical installation

  • conduct an initial inspection of an electrical installation

  • design, verify and inspect electrical installations in compliance with current safety legislation and BS7671.

Candidates are required to complete a 40-hour design project which involves the assessment of general characteristics, selection and erection and verification of an electrical installation.


The Electrical Installations design course (C&G 2396) is the pinnacle of the series of City & Guilds qualifications and is preceded by the courses on the wiring regulations (C&G 2382) and the inspection and testing (C&G 2394/2395/2391) qualifications.

The course begins by guiding the candidates through a series of searching questions with answers provided via a combination of syndicated exercises and individual efforts. This helps to build the candidates' skills and knowledge of the design process, taking each step of the design one stage at a time.

Candidates are provided with course notes which contain useful reference material, help on various topics and suggestions for answering questions in the written examination.

We also issue helpful design reference documents which list all the important stages in the design of an electrical installation. This again helps to clarify the process by which an electrical installation design should be performed.

The written examination (which is usually scheduled in the week subsequent to the design course, to allow candidates time to 'brush up' for the exam) is a 3 hour, open book examination. The following gives some idea of the level of complexity of the questions posed in the examination.

Candidates on the electrical installations design course also need to complete a design project. This is usually started off on the course itself, but it also requires the candidates to spend time (40 hours is suggested) to complete it in their own time. Typically the project requires them to design the complete electrical installation of a commercial building, specifying all the cabling, switchgear, cable runs etc required.

Candidate's project submissions vary in length and detail but the following are example of submissions that we have received, showing tables created to list the circuit specifications, the distribution board arrangements and the lighting circuits designed by the candidate.

Candidates also have to complete the electrical installation certificates, inspection schedule and test results schedule for their design, using the appropriate IET forms

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